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Illustrations Show It’s Good To Have Sense Of Humor

Here’s to taking liberties with a very famous saying. If someone suffering from one of the severest forms of manic depression is able to tell you to ‘put on a happy face’, then you know. Another old saying, this time coming direct from the MD’s rooms. Laughter is the best medicine. And as it goes in life, as well as business, you’ve got to be able to laugh at yourself sometimes. It’s been shown time and time again.

custom illustrations atlanta ga

Having a good sense of humor is good for you. And it could even be good for business. You see it often enough in your TV ads. It’s a humorous take on life while advertising a specific product or service. The punchline is delivered successfully and most people get the irony in the message being delivered as well. And this may or may not prompt folks to seek out the product or service for themselves.

Apart from stand-up comedy, there’s numerous means of communication that allows you to deliver a humorous message. One such set comes direct from a custom illustrations atlanta ga studio. The artist sitting at his drawing board is loaded with gags. He needs to listen intently to what you have in mind as far as occasions go. Could this be one of those special occasions? You want to give someone the perfect but laugh a minute send-off? Or you want your cartoonist to do a group portrait of your staff?

Instead of having a photographer or painterly artist do a family portrait that is a little too severe, you and your family get to loosen up a little whenever they and their visitors see the cartoon-like family portrait in the hallway. Put on a happy face, why don’t you.